"We tirelessly empower organizations onward to success" - Scott Thorpe

We help organizations worldwide to develop and enable successful change management strategies.

We are the consulting organization of choice for large and small companies reaching the next level of success.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to function as a lead collaborator for thinkers and doers to improve people, processes, and potential for organizations worldwide.

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TES Consulting helps top executives make better decisions, improve processes and implement change with the sole purpose of achieving sustainable success. Our consultant’s advice on all aspects of critical business processes; marketing, strategy, organization, information technology, corporate finance, real estate, acquisitions and facilities management and advanced analytics.

TES Consulting provides project or process analysis to create customized solutions that optimize the potential for systematic improvement and success.

Our resources include experts in a myriad of fields and subject matters. We connect high-level executives within our network that share our same vision and goals to create synergies that are vital in catapulting projects to the next level.

Areas we can provide excellence in service.

Oilfield services and manufacturing
Natural gas gathering and processing Interstate pipelines
Renewable energy power generation
Local distribution of natural gas
Natural gas and coal electrical generation
Electrical transmission and distribution
Performance Improvement
Financial Analysis, Forecasting, and Reporting
Geopolitical Intelligence
Data Anyaltics

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Energy Efficiency Consulting

TES Consulting brings a wealth of technical, operational, and financial expertise across all major energy sub sectors.

Process Improvement Consulting

TES Consulting will identify vital improvements, that will deliver substantial benefits to organizations.

Training by Consulting

Our team of subject matter experts have extensive experience in adult education, as well as state-of-the-art technology, resulting in innovative training programs.

Growth Advisory/Business Development TES Consulting

TES Consulting leverages a systematic approach while analyzing your company’s structure and process.

Workforce Development Consulting

TES Consulting works with corporations to understand their workforce job skill needs while collaborating with workforce development agencies to recruit and train for those positions.

Data Analytics Consulting

TES Consulting’s Big Data team possesses multi-faceted expertise in addressing clients’ issues utilizing an approach grounded in big data, technology solutions, and innovative thought.

Program and Change Management

TES Consulting is helping organizations worldwide to develop and enable successful change management strategies.

Healthcare Consulting

TES Consulting works with health care centers and hospitals, physicians, and nursing homes to deliver better health outcomes and improve processes for better patient experiences.