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Why Work with TES Consulting?

TES Consulting is the consulting organization of choice for large and small companies who are trying to reach the next level of success.

Helping top executives make better decisions, improve processes and implement change with the sole purpose of achieving sustainable success.

Our consultant’s advice on all aspects of critical business processes; marketing, strategy, organization, information technology, corporate finance, real estate, acquisitions and facilities management and advanced analytics.
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Featured Consulting Services

Energy Efficiency Consulting

TES Consulting brings a wealth of technical, operational, and financial expertise across all major energy sub-sectors. Our team provides our clients with the benefit of over 50 years of experience provides TES Consulting a wider perspective to thrive in today’s global environment.
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Process Improvement Consulting

TES Consulting offers customized design and implementation services as part of our business process improvement initiatives. TES Consulting will identify vital improvements, that will deliver substantial benefits to organizations. These benefits include strategic value, efficient resource utilization, superior quality products and services, increased employee morale and productivity and improved financials.
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IT Consulting

As one of the leading information technology consulting firms, TES Consulting delivers customized IT consultancy services and IT support for businesses of all sizes. Partnering with TES Consulting will enable your organization to leverage our resources to offer clients full IT support, development and innovative solutions. Organizations can maintain focus on their core competencies while utilizing TES Consultants to meet short and long-term IT objectives.
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Healthcare Consulting

TES Consulting works with health care centers and hospitals, physicians, and nursing homes to deliver better health outcomes and improve processes for better patient experiences. Through improved decision making, organizations have the foresight needed to make critical choices regarding the allocation of resources. The ultimate goal of reduced costs is therefore achieved. TES Consulting uses technology to analyze healthcare data and translate it into actionable steps to improve an organization's processes.
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